Magnolia’s Master Plan, when completed, will weave together several different village neighborhoods spread over 405 acres of rolling LaGrange countryside. Everything about Magnolia will reflect years of research and planning that took place before ground was ever broken. Like our historic American towns further North, Magnolia will have its own unmistakable identity — this time with a Southern Country flair... but uniquely Magnolia.


Designed with a traditional grid system of streets, each block will have its own look and character achieved with a diversity of home types built by different builders. Big houses will neighbor small ones. Building materials will be selected for their timeless, superior qualities. On most homes, wood and brick replaces aluminum or vinyl. Front porches invite you to visit your neighbor. The homes you pass have picket fence yards and vary in shape and size, color and style, each having its own character.


Magnolia is designed primarily for people, not cars, so garages are located behind homes and accessible through quaint alley ways. Streets will be narrow to encourage slower driving. But most people will prefer to walk since all you need is planned to be conveniently close by; schools, day care, shops, parks, recreation, community centers and sports facilities.


While Magnolia is new to South Georgia, it is certainly not a new idea. Past generations of families used to live and work in small towns and similar neighborhoods all across America. And they understood something that younger generations need to learn once again. A community is more than someplace you live. It’s a place where you can belong and know your neighbor once again.


Magnolia evolved during 4 arduous years of planning by world renowned neighborhood planners and developers, a City committed to no-sprawl growth, and caring citizens who yearn for an authentic sense of place and genuine community. You’ll be glad Magnolia reflects the highest ideals of our town building peers. We worked 12 days and nights with local citizens, City officials, local builders, architects and other interested stakeholders to conceive the Master Plan in what’s called a “Community Charette”. Magnolia’s Town Plan was hailed as “brilliant” and “beautiful” by the mayor, builders and citizens alike.


The 405-acre, master-planned community (unique to Troup County) will contain 2,800 residential units; a diverse range of home types and prices, Magnolia Village Center and Harbor Town Center, and 115 acres of parkland, nature preserve & open space featuring a 15 acre spring fed recreational lake.


Neighborhood amenities include “Main Street” neighborhood shops with public internet cafés, and pedestrian plazas for convenience shopping and social gatherings, outdoor recreation with wetland nature center, intimate neighborhood parks, streams, ball fields, and neighborhood Community House with cabana and outdoor pool, staffed and operated by Magnolia’s non-profit “Institute for Community”. Community Building strengthens property values and immediately begins with a trained full time staff dedicated to building friendships and helping neighbors fulfill their physical, informational, emotional and spiritual needs.

Southern Low Country Design reinforced by quality material standards and town planning principles that ensure the unique and sought after LaGrange southern country life-style. These principles assure that all new buildings are in harmony with each other and with the language of the traditional architecture of the area that we call “The LaGrange Style”. Magnolia features a neighborhood structure having the following characteristics:


Each neighborhood is limited in size by an approximately five minute walking distance from edge to center.

Residences, shops, workplaces, and civic buildings are integrated together and located in close proximity to each other.

A variety of thoroughfare types serve the needs of the pedestrian and the automobile equitably. Streets are designed for the pedestrian’s comfort.

Building frontages in disciplined alignment define and shape the public space.

Public spaces in the form of squares, greens parks and playgrounds provide places for social activity and recreation.

Civic buildings reinforce the identity of the community, providing places for assembly and social purpose.

The Town Planning principles are documented in “Magnolia’s Protective Design Code” and are legally binding by contract with Magnolia’s builders, residents and Community Association as a condition of the purchase of land within the community. It is administered by the Magnolia Town Architect. The Town Architect reviews all improvements to Magnolia for adherence to the Design Code.

Magnolia's Innovative Master Plan


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