Magnolia Blooms in the Town of LaGrange

New American Town Offers a Better Way of Life




















Markent recruited DPZ, the world-recognized planners and designers of Traditional Neighborhood Developments such as Seaside in Seaside, FL; Celebration in Orlando, FL; and Vickery in Cummings, GA to design the master plan for Magnolia. The result produced much more than just another neighborhood, but rather an extraordinary place where you can experience authentic community with your family, neighbors and friends.


Intentionally designed to foster a better way of life, Magnolia will be a delight to your eye and a rest to your soul. A rich diversity of homes and styles, nature preserves, pedestrian ways, recreation and vibrant village centers are all woven together into a livable, walk-able community that you’ll love to call home. A real neighborhood where you feel that you belong!


Where Have Genuine Neighborhoods Gone?

Forty years ago, a walk through a typical American neighborhood would be quite different than it is today. To start with, you’d probably be walking on a sidewalk instead of the side of the road. The houses you passed would vary in shape and size, color, and style — each built by a different builder having its own unique character. The people you met along your way would call you by name. They’d know your children and you’d know theirs. And if you decided to stop and sit a while, you could... parks and public squares were nearby and convenient. As basic as these things sound, they have all but vanished in the rush to suburbanize America. With them has gone much of our feeling of community and sense of belonging. Observing the communities and lifestyles of the past, we asked one important question: Was progress really progress after all?














garbage trucks, cars and garages first... people second. Big front porches where friends exchanged gossip were replaced by rear yard decks that provided solitude from the incessant rev of engines in fast moving cars and the blast of horns. Streets have been dangerous for kids ever since.






Magnolia is a Traditional Neighborhood Development nestled in the historic, genteel town of Lagrange, Georgia. LaGrange is on a fast track to becoming the model for a new breed of American Town we find emerging in our country that resists sprawl and favors the building of healthy neighborhoods designed to foster traditional family values and wholesome lifestyles.


LaGrange town leaders sought innovators from the National Town Builders Association (NTBA) to help them create a best-in-class community that would carefully accommodate it’s growth over the next several years. Markent LLC was formed to conceive and develop a very special place that LaGrange would be proud to showcase. We affectionately call that community...Magnolia; an icon of southern hospitality, elegant beauty and simple charm.



The Road Automobiles Led Us Down

If you could put your car in reverse and drive backwards through time, you’d see that the automobile has had an enormous impact on America’s neighborhoods. Following World War II, the huge assembly lines that were producing tanks and bombers were quickly converted to manufacturing millions of cars. The great American Highway system was conceived for evacuation in times of war and the new freedom that highways offered fueled our voracious appetite for the automobile. And the “Domino Effect” of suburban sprawl began.


More cars meant more traffic, so neighborhood streets were widened. Wider streets allowed for faster speed limits. Faster cars needed wider intersections. Traffic lights cropped up everywhere. And so it went... The demise of close-knit neighborhoods had taken root. Gradually, houses were built further apart with greater setbacks from the street and thus further from neighbors. Alleys were eliminated to save costs and streets were designed for


Neighbors Drifted Apart

Single use zoning that facilitated the mass production of economical housing to serve GI’s coming home from war, coupled with the domino effect of the automobile actually reshaped the physical design of our communities. Barber shops, grocery stores, even schools and churches became “zoned” further away from the people who used them. We no longer live and work and play and learn in the neighborhoods in which we live.The grid system of friendly streets and blocks was replaced by wide “collector” roads fed by cul-de-sacs; a system for moving cars quickly. To go anywhere today, you must get in your car and drive there. Walking and social engagement has become obsolete in today’s faceless subdivisions. And as we spend more time away from family and friends traveling to and fro, our marriages, family life and friendships suffer.


Are you ready for a better way of life? Magnolia is conceived to give you that choice!

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