Magnolia Town Center


Magnolia Village provides a great investment opportunity for new and surrounding retailers to expand or relocate their businesses, and capitalize on the exploding LaGrange market. There has never been a better time to get in on the ground floor. This will soon be the premier destination for the residents of Magnolia and its newly recruited auto related workforce. The Village Main Street Lifestyle Center will attract a great mix of retail shops, offices and restaurants serving Magnolia’s 2000 new residents and feeding directly on the growing Davis Road traffic count. We are carefully selecting retailers consisting of coffee / tea shop, bakery, independent grocer / deli shop, wine bar, salon/spa, tailor / cleaner, children's apparel, and professional office space accommodating lawyers, financial advisors, banking and other specialized service firms.



The Retail space will consist of over 18,000 square feet with an average minimum space per business of 1,000 square feet. Two anchor restaurants are planned with outdoor plaza eating.



The City of LaGrange and surrounding Troup County is expected to gain more than 20,000 new jobs by 2011, creating unprecedented demand for goods and services throughout the region. Magnolia’s location is well positioned along Davis Road to capitalize on this “first to market” opportunity and it’s available for you now.


We envision Main Street to function much like a "mall without walls", comprised of a composite of interrelated merchants guided by common operating standards similar to the science of operating enclosed shopping centers.


In mixed use, walk-able communities, the idea of the local shop is returning. A quick cup of coffee in the morning, meeting a friend or client for lunch or picking up a quart of milk at night provides opportunities for a chance to meet with a neighbor or knowing the shopkeeper by name. This is the life style that people today yearn for making their community vibrant and alive.



Businesses that cater to a specific area and clientele, stores with one-of-a-kind merchandise, and establishments that provide an opportunity for people to socialize and connect are turning up everywhere. As walking communities, traditional neighborhoods are ideally suited to support these endeavors. The local businesses that can take advantage of the public gathering places to increase the cohesiveness of a neighborhood are welcomed and will benefit from Magnolia’s town building principles.


Magnolia’s Main Street Lifestyle Center provides a compact, walk-able, mixed use, live, work, shop, play neighborhood that appeals to people who desire a more relaxed way of life in today’s hectic world.



Savvy retailers can now capitalize on this lifestyle trend by positioning themselves in Magnolia. Call (706) 333-0680 or e-mail [email protected] today for more information.

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